Angling Technics Standard Bait Boat Review


Angling Technics was founded back in 1992 with the sole purpose of designing & building a specialist bait boat. Over the years the Company has accelerated its development program and many new products have been added to the vast range of fishing aids.


The Standard Bait Boat has two separate hoppers that can be used together or individually, meaning either you can load with different baits per hopper or even bait two different areas on one trip.
Angling Technics Standard Bait Boat Review;
What you need to know:

        • 27 Mhz AM 2 channel radio system – microprocessor enhanced
        • Three ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance up rated jet pumps – fast, efficient and quiet
        • Twin independent hoppers – with add on particle curtains
        • Proportional forward and single reverse
        • Echo sounder acceptable: YesThree high intensity navigation LED’s (orange, red and green)
        • Size: 570mm x 300mm x 260mm
        • Weight: 7kg approximately
        • Bait capacity: 4kg approximately
        • Running time (at maximum speed): 45 minutes
        • Free instructional video include


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