New Direction Bait Boat 2

New Direction Bait Boat 2

The Bait Boat 2 is a Smart Bait Boat® that offers real-time GPS tracking through a free Android and iOS app. The boat is designed to be modular, allowing users to purchase the basic boat and add extra features and hardware as needed. The first available upgrade is the autopilot, which enables the boat to navigate autonomously to user-defined points. The autopilot can be purchased for £199 through the app, and is tied to the boat ID, so it remains with the boat even if it is lent to a friend.

The app offers a range of features, including the ability to see the boat on a map and navigate to a desired spot. The app also includes three different map views, a tool for measuring distances, and the ability to save an unlimited number of spots for future use. Additionally, the app includes Spot Cloud, which ensures that saved spots are never lost. Most functions, including autopilot, can be accessed through the app, though the remote control is also available for manual control.

The remote control is designed for one-handed use and allows for up to 4 separate spots and a home point to be saved. This frees up a hand for tasks such as guiding a fishing line. Overall, the Bait Boat 2 offers a range of features and upgrades for a customizable and efficient fishing experience.

The Bait Boat 2 offers an optional deeper® Smart Sonar that can be paired with the Android and iOS app to provide high-resolution target separation of up to 1 cm, making it easier to locate spots. With the sonar, anglers can even see boilies and lead sinking on the sonar image. It also allows users to create depth maps and records trips that can be watched later. The deeper® Smart Sonar offers three selectable sonar levels of 7°, 16°, and 47°. For those who already have a deeper, they can have it installed or attach it to the boat with a mobile bracket. The deeper has an external antenna that increases reception, enabling ranges of at least 150 meters.

The Bait Boat 2 also offers a range extender as an optional add-on that allows anglers to reach over 250 meters. The range extender comes in a waterproof, super-solid box that stabilizes Wi-Fi connections over longer distances. The box also provides space for antennas and a smartphone/tablet holder. It is suitable for fish finders like the Deeper, Vexilar, and others. The power bank is used for operation and can be fixed in the box.

What you need to know:

Product features:   

  • GPS always on board with real-time satellite navigation via Google Maps

  • App with Spot Manager

  • Autopilot can be activated at any time (additional purchase via the APP)

  • One-handed remote control with analogue stick for best ergonomics

  • Range up to over 300 meters with an undisturbed view. Interchangeable antennas.

  • Long battery life and easily replaceable 4S Li-Ion batteries with 14.8V and 5.2 Ah

  • You can insert a second battery in the battery compartment to increase the capacity

  • Updating the firmware via a micro-SD card slot

  • Two large hopper doors with a capacity of 1.5 kg each

  • Hook release

  • Cool carbon look

  • Bright headlights and taillights indicate a change of direction (flashing function)

  • Optional built in deeper smart sonar

  • Available accessories such as a mobile deeper mount or a Boat pod

  • Workshops in the UK and Germany if there is a problem or the boat needs servicing

What’s Included: 

  • Bait Boat

  • Mini Handset

  • 14.8V 5.2A Li-Lon Battery

  • 16V 3A Home Charger for Bait Boat (UK and EU plug)

  • EVA Accessory Bag

Boat size and weight: 62x40x25cm (LxWxH), 5.5kg

In addition, for deeper version: 

  • Integrated Deeper Chirp+ smart sonar

  • Extra-long external antenna for the Deeper

  • 2-meter USB-C cable

In addition, with Range Extender: 

  • WI-FI Router in a waterproof box

  • Expands the wireless coverage (>200 meter) of your smart sonar

  • Tablet/Smartphone holder included

  • Thread to mount on a bank stick or tripod

New Direction Bait Boat 2 Video:

What to Expect to Pay?

The approximate retail price for a new ND Bait Boat 2 in the UK start from £549. However, prices may vary depending on the seller and any added features or upgrades. Used ND Bait Boat 2 prices will vary depending on age and condition.

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