Keith Williams Guide To Bait Boats

Keith Williams Guide To Bait Boats

Keith Williams from Angling Technics talks you through the bait boats that are available in the range from the best in the business, Angling Technics.

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“Hi I’m Keith Williams from Angling Technics, we’ve really updated our boats now to the real good spec. We’ve got a procat mrk 3, we’ve got the
Microcat Mrk 3 and my favourite, the Technicat Mk2. We also go through some bait boat tactics how you can get the benefit of chopped boilies particles
and real loads of pellet. A lot of anglers do not understand how to use a solar panel so I’ll tell you how the best way you can use your solar panel, and the awesome echo sounder from us or show how you get the best in that.

Right, the Procats’ changed quite significantly from the mark 1 we’re now up to the mark 3, the biggest change no arial to worry about, nothing’s get caught underneath trees and no chips, so no interference from any other boats. The handsets changed as well,  it’s now all single control, so absolutely perfect advantage against other boats. Again you dropping the hopper, it’s on the other side, so no accidental drops, very easy, push the lever over and
the bait drops. Lights can be changed off and on, very small aerial on handset as well. The other real good changes is Duracell batteries in the back of the handset and these will absolutely last you ages, right about 30 hours so really a whole season will do you for these set of batteries in the handset. So, 2.4 frequency, so much better, fantastic boat.

The Technicat, this is that newest model, it’s been out for about three years now was the mark one went out of Mk2, 2.4, again no aerials, the aerial for the echosounder got to hide that, no aerial to worry, about fantastic hopper can be loaded with the door shut, the only boat boat that you can actually do this, simple to use, battery life 90 minutes, so got a long long life, easy to change, the handset you notice no aerial, all single control, 20 minutes and you’ll be an efficient user. To change the lights on the Technicat and then easy to drop the hopper to drop your bait. This is my favourite, use it 95 percent of my time, real great boat, it’s made in England.

Now we come to the Microcat, quite significant change in the Microcat since the mark one, biggest question I get asked, do you still have to prime it? no priming whatsoever, a fantastic boat, the aerials gone, the aerials are inside the boat, no interference for any other boats because of 2.4 and handsets changed, again no big Ariel to get caught up in, all single controls, so easy to control your boat, we got two hoppers, so one side does the one hopper, you push the other side, it does both hoppers. We come to the batteries at the back of the handset as you notice it only takes four batteries now and you get a life for 24 hours running time minimum, I mean I haven’t changed them for a year and I use the boat every week, so absolutely awesome, I’m not worried about the batteries running out.
So the Microcat Mark3, straight boat, our best seller, versatile.

Welcome to the GPS system a lot of anglers asked me is it worth buying, what I use it for exactly is pre-baiting, if I’m fishing lakes in the winter when I will
keep the bait going in this is a perfect tool. Great thing about the GPS system is you can go over 70 markers on the handset you’ll go to the spot, so I completely record all my spots in a notebook and I’ve got three or four lakes on my GPS very, simple to use, put the yellow navigator back of the boat and you’re live, switch on, as simple as that. When you go out to your marker spot you put on the marker, so now just picking up boat, will tell you the life the battery in your boat as well, absolutely superb, put your marker and it’ll go meter square to that spot every time, so you drive towards the circle, you’re told you what direction your boats going in, it’s pretty foul proof. Even when it’s foggy or misty, you can make home base for the GPS and you can bring your boat straight back to
ya, very simple, check our website and you see it proper use.

Okay we’re gonna look at the echo sounder from Angling Technics, that is echo sounders and fish finders. We’re an echo sounder like Angling Technics products, the cone is 20% underneath the boat, if you look a normal fish finder they are 90% cone, so these are a lot more accurate and is for feature finding, not for fish spotting. So there’s an area seventy meters there are I know, there’s a lot of weeds in this lake we need to get find where the spots are. As you can see here it’s 1.8, I know that that depth here is around 3 or 4 foot here, so this is all weed. So I’m gonna take the boat out to the spot where I’ve been fishing, then the boat is always here, if you look across the top of the echo sounder, you’ve got the connection with a boat, the battery life, this means that the amount of seconds is going across the screen, from 72 down to 12, I like to set it at 24 to 36, this is a depth, it can go up to 80 foot or down to 80 meters. On this side I like to work in feet and inches, or you can have meters is to your preferable choice. So we take the boat out, we still got a lot of weed here, as you see here is a little bit of a gap, different type of weed, there’s still being a bit of weight there, so just gonna take a bit more…….getting the weeds growing up a bit, so the bank is probably underneath…probably a lot of weed still there as you can see, again I keep moving to boat out to find that clear spot. What I also tend to do is have a marker float when I know a lake like this, put a marker float in the boat, when you find your desired spot, drop the marker, you know you’ve got it bang-on. So just going out,
another twenty meters to go, again use the far line to use a marker, so when you have found a spot, you know you got it bang on. Right this is where I’m fishing, as you can see just dropped, got four foot six but though the area is clear, five foot a little bit further and I found a little bar earlier, and here it is. Got 8-foot, nine-foot depth hear and you can see it’s well clear, and this is where I put my bait. Come up there’s a small gravel bar coming up, with a little bit of chod on there, but it’s this area I’m looking very interested in this area and this is a spot I had to run last night, again you see it’s a nice firm spot to put your bait. So that’s Angling Technics echosounder, use the marker float with it, have a play around with it, really get used to reading the screen and it’s a fantastic tool”

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